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Expert report

Expert report

The expert opinion represents the result of the technical assessment. After the expert has evaluated and assessed the case, he prepares his findings and conclusions as a report. Generally, the expert report addresses a specific query either from a contractor or on demand of a court.

An expert report is not only meant for a court

An expert report can be as well useful and necessary for other situations other than in a litigation. In food technology and food safety, our area of focus as independent experts, a customer complaint for instance can be examined and assessed by an expert report on the production process. The customer is therefore provided with expert evidence of a compliant production process or not.

Expert reports are also often contracted for the other way around, where the complaining customer wants an expert evidence whether the manufacturer is responsible for the complaint or not. 

In Food Technology, processing equipments can be subject to an expert approval as preventive measure. Following the installation of the new equipment, an expert assessment provides evidence of the expected performance of the installed equipment. It is also valid in the adequate pricing before the acquisition of a secondhand equipment.

Your main benefits:

  • Independent and neutral evaluation and assessment of complaints
  • Independent evidence of the process performance of your equipments as compared to others
  • Cost savings on the purchase of used equipment, thanks our independent and neutral assessment process 
  • You gain more safety from the approval of our expert of newly installed equipment

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