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Process optimization

Food safety and process optimization are closely related. Many food safety standards are required, and the legislation is always very watchfull when it concerns consumer protection, and food safety. Starting a company with a clearly structured process (excepting in hierarchies and functions) brings not only economic benefits but also more value in the food safety of the company. 

In this way, each existing and defined process is evaluated.


Main goals:

  • Comparison of the company fixed goal with the current in-house situation
  • Set up/optimization of an individual reporting system
  • Determination of the prerequisites
  • Interface examination according to the concept of “bring and collect debt"
  • Identification of the operation surface
  • Identification of risk potential
  • Prioritized action plan: the result of this process analysis lies in overall value it creates for the company.  Following aspects are considered:
    • Project or product-related working practices e.g., product life cycle
    • Order-related working practices:
      • Workload/cost ratio
      • Prioritization according to value creation
      • Expected quality criteria
      • Involvement of third-party companies in order processing
      • Implementation of the operational company guidelines
    • Productivity-related assessment, e.g. with the goal "Best in Class“
    • Achievement of the set company goals

The evaluation criteria for processes in general are efficiency, stability and resources utilisation.



Your benefits:

  • Focus on the value-adding core processes
  • Identification of non-creating value layover and waiting times for
    • inventories and overproduction
    • missing availability of operating resources within critical interfaces         
    • Minimization of controlling activities 
    • Minimization of potential lead times


Benefits for your company:

  • Greater competitive advantages
  • Increased customer relationship
  • Efficient resource management

Main reasons why you should optimize your company processes:

  • External factors - competition, globalization, product life cycles, technology advances
  • Internal factors - cost changes, flatter structures, customer focus, information management

Are you interested in the know-how and experience of our experts? We look forward to your contact. 

The process structure

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